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#30Lists: December, Day 12

For day 12 of #30Lists: Places I Went This Year.

I took this photo from our apartment balcony when we lived in The Netherlands.

  • The Netherlands -- To visit my husband's family. We hadn't been back since our move in late 2010! We're hoping to be able to go more often than that from now on.
  • Houston -- To visit my family.
  • Austin -- For ATX TV Festival & Texas Tribune Fest (both of which I highly recommend, and to visit my BFF.
Next up, Houston to visit family again, then Aruba next year! 

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#30Lists: December, Day 11

For #30Lists day 11, the prompt is: Without _______, I would probably _______.

My answer: Husband / Still have a few years left to go in school. I'm officially done, as of this week, and other than who did the school work (me!), he's the reason I was able to not work & focus on it, and go full time for the past few years. Yay!

Here's to fantastic husbands and college educations!

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#30Lists: December, Day 10

Time to catch up on posting my lists for #30Lists! Here's day 10... "I was a friend this year by..."

Pictured is the tape I bought to seal up a bunch of packages I'm sending to my friends, so my answer:

  • surprise mail gifts to friends living elsewhere
  • listening without judging
  • offering advice when asked
  • and just letting them know how much they mean to me (I hope!)
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#30Lists: December, Day 09

The prompt for #30Lists today is "my favorite outfits" (and I'm adding "right now")...

I walked in my closet and snapped this picture without adjusting anything or cleaning up at all. This is exactly how I have it organized for the winter to make getting dressed easy. Skirts & pants on the left, then sleeveless tops, short-sleeve tops, long-sleeve tops, sweaters, cardigans, then hoodies. I have four bins on a shelf above the hanging space that hold my scarves, gloves, hats, and tights. My shoes are below on a rack with my boots lined up nearby.

It's cold out, most of my dresses aren't good in very cold weather, and I'm not big on pants (you can see my one pair hanging by the skirts, they're bright blue), so for now, my outfits consist of skirts, layers on top, and tights/leggings with flats or boots.

Cardigans are always in the plan, and I'm really into sweaters with cute graphic images on them right now. (I have some with a dog, sheep, a pear, a gold heart, text, etc.) So, I grab a skirt, add a cute sweater or blouse, or lighter top to pair with a cardigan, throw on some boots, and add tights, as needed. 

I've been getting lots of outfit compliments lately, so my plan of simplifying but keeping it cute seems to be working.