Fish Tacos For the Win!

Fish Tacos

This was my dinner tonight. Courtesy of The Husband's awesome skillzzzz. I've avoided fish tacos forever (seriously -- possible tiny bones left in by careless strangers make me crazy), but these are being added to our regular rotation.

Corn tortilla + grilled tilapia + avocado cream + slaw = So delicious.

The fish taco recipe is courtesy of Patio Daddio (found here) & they're topped with his Soutwest Slaw (recipe here). I can't speak for how difficult they were other than to say our kitchen doesn't look like a disaster zone and he's good on the grill, so it seems like they weren't a huge challenge.

Perfect for summer. So fresh! (Especially since we followed it up with a bowl of just sliced pineapple.) Yum!

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